2003 Yamaha 90 HP 3 Cylinder 2-Stroke 20″ Outboard Motor


Product Specifications

Outboard Outboard
Engine Type 90 HP 2-STROKE
Lubrication Precision Blend Oil Injection
Fuelinduction Carb Loop Charged
Starter Electric
Ignition CDI/Computer
Alternator 10A
Shaftlength 20/508(in/mm)
Gear Ratio 2.00:1
Rated Speed 4500 r/min
Displacement 1140 cm3 (1.14L, 69.57in3)
Cylinders Arrangement/Number 3
Weight 119 kg (262.35lbs)
Power 90 HP (67.10kw)
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Yamaha’s legendary 90A three cylinder, two stroke outboard has been reliably powering boaters for decades. With unique versatility and lightweight design, Yamaha’s 90A can be seen on the water powering a huge range of vessels from serious fishing rigs to family weekend cruisers. The 90A’s three cylinder design with precision blend oil injection delivers smooth and responsive performance while ensuring the unquestionable reliability Yamaha outboards have built their reputation on. Whether it’s cruising down the river to your favourite fishing spot, water skiing with the kids or chasing some serious fish in open water the legendary 90A has got your boating covered.


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